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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Private by James Patterson & Maxine Pateo

Jack Morgan has returned home from Afghanistan after being shot down from his helicopter.  Upon his return, his father, who is in jail, requests that Jack reopens his investigative firm, Private.  Jack builds up the investigative firm into a successful and elite firm that caters to the creme de la crop of Los Angeles. 

As he is getting ready to escort one of his clients into an awards ceremony, he receives a call from his best friend.  He rushes over to find his friend's wife, Shelby, also Jack's good friend, shot to death.  He promises his friend he will track down Shelby's killer.  As if that isn't enough, his employees are wrapped up in a serial killer case and his uncle asks him to take on a case for the NFL. 

I usually really like James Patterson books, mainly his Alex Cross and Women's Murder Club series.  However, even now I can't actually tell you if I loved Private or not.  It was certainly entertaining and was a quick and easy read with it's short chapters but it just didn't grab me like his other series did.  Having three cases, not to mention the flashbacks from Afghanistan and troubles with his brother kept it from every getting stale.  Maybe I just have to get used to new characters?  I do hope to see a couple more, seeing as the Private Investigation Firm has offices located around the world.  It would be fun to read about cases in England, Rome and other foreign countries. All in all, I would recommend this book as it is entertaining and a fast and easy read.  

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