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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blood Ties by Kay Hooper

With all the hoopla of school starting for my kids this Tuesday, last minutes shopping trips, classroom orientations and trying to get my own classroom and lesson plans ready, it took me a little longer to finish this book but here it is! 

In the small town of Serenade, TN, a young track start stumbles over the body of a man who was brutally murdered.  Because the town is so small, the local sheriff calls in the FBI, who in turn sends the SCU (Special Crimes Unit).  The members that make up the SCU all have very unique characteristics in that they all have some sort of psychic power or powers.  As the SCU investigates what kind of monster commits these crimes, they realize that they, themselves, are the target. 

I have read all of the Noah Bishop/Special Crimes books from Kay Hooper and I was not too disappointed in this one.  There are something like 13 books in this series so it got a little confusing in parts as Hooper would refer to a previous case/book a lot and each character from the SCU that was brought in was from a different book.  She tried to make it easier to follow by adding footnotes when she talked about each case, letting you know what book it was from but I was still slightly lost while reading it as it has been several years since I've read most of the books from this series. 

The book was a little slow at the beginning but quickly picked up.  It kept my interest all the way through and was suspenseful but it wasn't a book that I could not put down (obviously).  I liked all the characters as most of them were familiar too me but referring back to all the past cases did throw me off a bit.  However, if you like paranormal mysteries and you have read Kay Hooper's previous books (the Shadow, Evil, Fear and Blood series) then it's a must read. 


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