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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mom, are you racist?

Okay, everyone loves this story so I thought I would post it.  I have three very smart children.  I'm not just saying that because I'm their mom.  It's just true.  They are very advanced. 

So, one day I am watching the movie Ghosts of Mississippi.  I don't realize that my then 5 year old is standing behind the chair watching this part with the KKK burning the cross.  Suddenly he asks me what they are dong and why they are calling that man "colored" and worse.  So I stop the movie and sit down to have a little chat with him.

First, I explain to him how people thought "back then" when it came to people with different colored skin.  I told him how they called African-Americans "colored" (and we don't EVER say that other word) and how they called us "whites".  I tell him how they wouldn't let the "colored" people mix with the "white" people because they thought the white people were far better.  I then explain to him how dumb that thinking is because no matter what color our skin, or how different we all are, we are all special in our own way and no one is better than anyone else.  I explained to him that these people were "racist" and we talk about what that means.  He says he understands and I think this is the end of this topic.

Now, fast forward to the next morning.  I have started laundry and have everything sorted and going in the laundry room.  Kaiden is in his pajamas and I tell him to get dressed and throw his dirty clothes in the laundry room.  His pajamas were dark blue.  He, of course, throws them in the whites pile.  I move them and he asks me "why did you move them"?  So I say (without thinking) "because they were colored and you threw them in the whites pile".  He is quiet for a moment as I am switching laundry from washer to dryer.  Then he pipes up "Mom, are you racist"?

I do believe my mouth dropped open!  I then had to explain that racism does not extend to the laundry!

1 comment:

  1. oh that is just adorable. He took you so literally! You did a great job explaining to him. Such a good mom!