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Friday, October 1, 2010

Book Review: The Naturals by Sharon R C Petersen

The Naturals by Sharon R.C. Petersen is a children's book made up of 10 short stories about the Earth, weather and the moon and stars.  You will meet Cloudy, Starry, Moony and more in this book that inspires children to care for their environment. 

As a preschool teacher I am thrilled to receive this book and read it during our weather lesson and our stars and moon lesson.  What a great and fun way to learn about these things and the stories are simple and fun enough to keep preschoolers attention but interesting enough to keep my 7-year-old's attention as well.

I received this book this morning and my kids wanted me to read it to them immediately.  We read the whole book and they loved it!  The stories are simple, fun and full of good morals.  At the end of each story are discussion questions that my kids enjoyed discussing with me.  The pictures are beautiful water-color type pictures on almost every page so even my 2 year-old was kept interested most of the time.  My older kids, ages 7 and 5, love to learn and they said this book deserves five stars!  So, I rate this book:


  1. I hopping over to your blog now! Thanks for the comment! I am reeeeally loving the Memes too and they are super successful so far. I've gained 15 followers in a day. Something must be going right! I also joined Ning today, although I have to check it out further and get more involved. What is Good Reads? The Murderer's Daughters sounds so intense! I just read the review of it you did! I cry over everything, I don't know if I could handle that! Maybe, I'm about to read If I Stay by Gayle Forman, and it is supposed to be super emotional too. I'll write the review when I'm done and maybe we can compare! Have a great weekend!
    <3, Ashlie
    Page Turners Gone Wild

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I just hopped back over here and had to add the Murderer's Daughters to my GoodReads "to read" list! Can't wait, it sounds like a great book.