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Friday, September 3, 2010

Hopping time again!

It's been one of those mornings already!  So, now that my kids are at school I am going to do some serious blog hopping!  This is a meme that is put on by Jennifer over at Crazy-for-Books.  So, head on over and check out some fun new blogs!

This weeks question:  Do you judge a book by it's cover?
My answer:  Sometimes.  If I am browsing in a store or library and a cover jumps out at me, I will pick it up, of course.  But, if there is a boring looking book with a catchy title, I will also look at that one.  However, (I have to agree with Jennifer here), when I receive requests to review books, I don't even look at the cover, just read the synopsis.  Also, while browsing through my book club magazine, I tend to read the synopsis rather than look at the cover. 


  1. Hi..New follower via hop. You can find me here; CMash

  2. Thanks for stopping by Reading Angel! I'm following you now too! Happy Friday!

  3. Looking forward to reading your reviews. Shari over at

  4. looking forward to following ur blog.
    Have been blogging couple of months myself.

    enjoy ur weekend!

    u can find me here

  5. Hi, I just found you through the Hop. You have quite a lovely site.

    Feel free to check my blog out in your spare time,

    Have a great weekend!
    Ms. C