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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Product Review: Easy Canvas Prints

Photos to Canvas

I was recently asked to review a photo canvas product and jumped at the chance.  I know most of you haven't seen my house but I love pictures!  I have pictures of my children, my family and my wedding up everywhere so this was a great opportunity. 

The process was so simple!  It was only four easy steps and then I had my custom made canvas.  I went to the website and chose the size I wanted.  The sizes include an 8x10, 8x8, 24x36 and custom size.  There are many other sizes as well. 

Once I chose my size I picked the image I wanted to put on the canvas.  I knew exactly what picture I wanted as we had just returned from Silverwood Water Park and I had the most adorable picture of my kids and my nephew from one of those old fashioned photo shops.  So, I found the picture in my files and uploaded it to the website. 

After my picture uploaded I moved on to Step 3 which was choosing a border.  Border options include having the image wrap around, having the image mirror, having a white border among others.  I chose to just have my image wrap around the border.  I love the continuous flow of the picture.

Last I chose my coloring.  You can have color, black and white or sepia.  My picture was already in sepia so I made no changes here. 

Prices are decent, in my opinion.  They range from $30 to $110 for size and then anything extra you have them do costs another small fee.  I was very happy with the shipping time as well. 

I think these would make amazing gifts for Grandparents or parents or for yourself!  This looks amazing on my wall and I love it!  Easy, affordable and personalized...what more could you ask for? 

And here is my finished product:

Sorry for my poor photo quality but I had to take this with my phone.  Aren't they the cutest things though?  So, head on over to the website and create your own photo to canvas.  The link is on the side of my blog.  Oh, and can also get canvas prints there as well.  I haven't looked at what artwork they have but if you don't want a picture of your own, check out their art!


  1. Awesome example of canvas printing.I also have some photos of my friends but those are very dull now can i also convert those into modern wall art?

  2. Interest shown by an individual on making Print on to Canvas to gift it.