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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Book Review: Letters From a Distant Shore by Marie Lawson Fiala

Letters from a Distant Shore 

Synopsis (from Goodreads):  
Tragedy shattered Marie Lawson Fiala's life as wife, mother and lawyer when her 13-year old son, Jeremy, was felled by a massive hemorrhage from a ruptured artery deep in his brain. Within an hour, Jeremy was in a coma, sustained only by machines. This memoir of a mother's ferocious care, devastating loss and prayerful transcendence focuses on bringing her son back from the edge. The suspense is relentless and the author's observations as sharp as a scalpel.
My Thoughts:  Marie Lawson Fiala's 13 year old son collapses one day for no apparent reason.  The cause ends up being a massive cerebral hemorrhage.  This story is about how his family makes it through each day.  Fiala spends her time updating friends and family by email which is weaved throughout the story.
This book was amazing.  As a mother, I found it heart wrenching.  Fiala's story is extremely emotional that makes you realize that life is special and you must enjoy every moment you have with your loved ones as life is also very unpredictable.  Letters From a Distant Shore makes you realize how beautiful every minute of life is.  You have to take time to relax and to have fun and be with your loved ones. 
I was so impressed with how Fiala never gives up hope.  Her faith in God and in love inspired me and I am sure it will inspire you as well. 

Once you pick up this book you will not be able to set it back down so consider yourself warned.  It was gripping, emotional and brutally honest at times.  It really makes you appreciate life and it certainly makes you want to reach out and give you children a hug!

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