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Friday, May 6, 2011

2011 Challenge Update

Here is the update for the challenges I am involved in this year.  Some are going great and others I need to get moving on!

Cozy Mystery Challenge:  I have read one out of 5 for this challenge but I have the rest on my shelf so I will be completing this one for sure!  Click on the picture to see what I have read and my thoughts.

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  I completed this challenge!  You can click on the picture above to see what I read for this challenge and my reviews.

I have read one out of 8 books for the Back to Classics Challenge.  Yikes!  I better get moving on this one too.  Click above to see what I have read, what I will be reading and my reviews.

This is by far the challenge that I have done the best on.  I have read 17 out of 50 books for this one. Again, click above to see my reviews and what States I have visited!

My intentions were so good with this one and yet I am failing!  I have only read one lonely book out of 50!  But, you can click on the picture to see what that one book was. 

So, now that I have seen how horribly I am doing, I am going to post this and go read!  I gotta get moving here, people!

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