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Friday, May 6, 2011

Book Review: The Liar Society by Lisa and Laura Roecker

The Liar Society (The Liar Society, #1)
**I received this book from Around The World ARC Tours**

Synopsis (from Goodreads): 
 Kate Lowry didn’t think dead best friends could send e-mails. But when she gets an e-mail from Grace, she’s not so sure.
Sent: Sun 9/14 11:59 PM
Subject: (no subject)
I’m here…
sort of.
Find Cameron.
He knows.
I shouldn’t be writing.
Don’t tell.
They’ll hurt you.
Now Kate has no choice but to prove once and for all that Grace’s death was more than just a tragic accident. But secrets haunt the halls of her elite private school. Secrets people will do anything to protect. Even if it means getting rid of the girl trying to solve a murder.

My Thoughts:  I thought this book was pretty good until the end.  It caught my attention from the first page and it was certainly interesting and mysterious and even a little suspenseful.  I was a little let down with the ending though so it doesn't get 5 stars.

Kate's best friend died in a mysterious fire on school grounds last year.  Kate is slowly working through her grief until she gets an email from her dead best friend, giving her clues to what really happened.  Kate enlists the help of Seth and Liam  and even briefly, Cameron (Grace's boyfriend) to discover what happened that night. 

I really liked Seth.  He was a goof and your typical nerdy guy but he was so sweet and friendly that I think you have to like him.  He's a little crazy with the conspiracy theories but hey, we all have our quirks right?  He was always there for Kate and that is what really mattered.  He had a good heart and was a true friend.

Liam was mysterious and the hottie.  I liked him too and I liked the mystery that surrounded him.  The explanation even made sense once it was told.  It wasn't some way out there explanation and I liked that.  I liked that there was some romance between Liam and Kate but not a ton.  It was just the right amount. 

Kate was a decent main character.  She was smart when it came to getting the clues but dumb in the fact that she believed that her dead best friend was somehow a ghost.  When "Grace" asks Kate to meet her alone at the end of the book and Kate goes alone, I was a little disgusted.  How stupid to knowingly put yourself into danger for a ghost.  But, that is typical of heroines in my opinion.

Like I said, the ending for me was disappointing.  The book builds up this whole secret society and murder conspiracy and when you find out who and what happened, it just kind of leaves you wanting a lot more.  I am also not sure of the fact that everyone in the town seemed to have some part in the conspiracy.  I guess I wanted more villains who were actually villains and less "accidents".  Maybe this will be resolved in the next book? 

I believe this will be part of a series and if so, I will be reading the second book.  The first leaves you hanging an little and like I said, I would like to see more villains and less accidents. 

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