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Friday, September 7, 2012


I have once again been slacking on my blog here.  I have a good reason though, honest!  First, we went to the beach for a family vacation.  We had 30 of our family members with us and we had a wonderful time!
Then we got home and started to tear off our roof.  During the big ice storm of January, we had some damage done to our roof.  We pulled off the roof to find that we have broked trusses and so we are now again at a standstill until the contractor and roofer can come out (tomorrow) and tell us what is going on and how much more we can expect it to cost.  Who said being a homeowner was fun??
Tuesday afternoon, 4 separate fires started in my hometown (about 15 min. away from my current home).  The firefighters got two of the fires out but the other two took off and merged into one fire.  It has burned over 1500 acres and we have over 400 firefighters from all over Washington state here fighting it.  Last night the wind shifted and the fire started down the hill behind my parent's house.  I left here at 10:30 PM to help them figure out what to pack in case they were evacuated.  I got home at 2:00 this morning.  Luckily the firefighters' fireline held and the fire did not jump the road and my parent's are safe...until the wind changes and gets stronger.  It was 40% contained this afternoon but flared up again and now only 20% contained.  We are praying for the firefighters and the families who have houses in the path of this fire!


Oh, and did I mention school started so I have been homeschooling my 3 kids while having my 3 year old nephew here for a visit?  Yes, my reading has come to a standstill as well as the progress on my roof.  I hope things calm down and I can start reading and reviewing quickly again!


  1. I've been following the progress of the fire via friends on Facebook. It's so sad - all that beautiful land burning up. I'm praying HARD for everyone in W.S. and surrounding areas as well as all those fire fighters. Stay safe!

  2. Holy cow! Thank goodness your parents are still okay! It is hard for me to visualize being in that situation, because what do you do? What do you take and what gets left behind? Those pictures are scary, but kind of beautiful too. I hope everyone stays safe!

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  4. I hope everything is under control now and that you haven't sustained any damage. I can only imagine the horror and sleepless nights...