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Monday, October 1, 2012

Moving is really no fun!

Oh, how I hate moving!  The packing, the throwing away, the unpacking...yep, I hate it all!  So, guess what I had to do last week?  You got it...move!  Here is the's only temporary but we had to move everything out of our house. 

You see, last January we had a serious ice and snow storm.  A few months later our roof started to leak.  That started the trouble.  We had a contractor come up and he told us we would need to put on a new roof.  No problem...our insurance cut a check.  We had to wait until the weather got better so at the end of August we tore off half the roof.  And then we came to a complete stop! Our trusses were broken and/or rotten.  So, we ended up calling the insurance again and they are working on the money issues.  In the meantime, we had to move out.  Luckily my uncle has a beautiful house in town that he was willing to rent to us.  The catch?  We had to pack up all my grandparent's stuff (my grandfather passed away last April and my grandmother's in assisted living) and clear it out.  What a job!  I don't think those two people threw anything away in the 70 years they were married! 

Then I have this crazy, psycho neighbor (for real, she's a psycho, scary woman) who is telling anyone who will listen (which isn't many except those that want to report back to me) that we have committed insurance fraud.  Not sure how we did that (maybe I can twitch my nose and make it snow) since we have had our contractor's AND our insurance has sent out contractor's of their own and they have all said the same thing...snow and ice damage.  This woman is 10 years older than me but I swear, she acts worse than my four year old.  As we all say in the neighborhood though..."can't reason with crazy".  It's just added frustration!

Anyways, now that I am finally moved I will have some time to actually read and post reviews again!  Please don't give up on's just been one heck of a crazy month! Stay tuned for a review of Jennifer L. Armentrout's Cursed at the end of this week or the first part of next week!

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