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Thursday, August 30, 2012

My 2012 Fall TV Line-UP

I saw this post over at Down the Rabbit Hole and thought I'd share my t.v. list with you!  I suffer from OCD (really and truley...I'm not just anal) and so I have to have lists and spreadsheets of everything!  Yep, that means I made a spreadsheet with the day, time and channels of all the shows, old and new, that I want to watch.  My DVR is always packed in the new seasons.
So, here is my tv lineup!
Returning TV Shows I Must Watch:
  Once Upon a Time (ABC):  I love the idea of a fairytale land!  Snow White is my favorite fairytale of all time so when this show premiered last year, I was definitely excited to watch it.  I wasn't disappointed, of course.  Once Upon a Time keeps you guessing!
Revenge (ABC):  This show caught my interest from the ads and I was upset to realize I had missed the premier.  Thankfully, there is HULU and I watched the first episode there and couldn't stop.  I love Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clark) and watching her take out those that hurt her father. 
Bones (FOX)I LOVE Bones!  My favorite show ever...seriously!  I like the books and read those as well but I really enjoy how the tv show is completely different.  All the characters are awesome and I like trying to figure out the mystery.  I also love all the forensic and anthropological science.  So fun!
Law & Order:  SVU (NBC)My sister got me stuck on this show.  It is the only Law & Order I watch but I love(d) Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay!  I watched it last year despite Meloni being replaced and now I have heard rumors that Hargitay may be being replaced soon.  If that happens, I'm not sure if I'll still watch so I have to get in as much as possible now!
Gray's Anatomy(ABC):  McDreamy anyone?  I have loved this show since episode one and will watch it until they decide it's over (hopefully not for awhile!).  The season finale of last season left you hanging by the seat of your pants so I cannot wait to get started again!  Poor Lexie :(
New TV Shows:
666 Park Avenue (ABC)I loved Desparate Housewives and since this is slightly compared to that, I decided to give it a try.  Sounds like an interesting (paranormal?) show.
Nashville (ABC):  I love shows about music so I am figuring I'm gonna really enjoy this one.  I also really like Hayden Panettiere.  I'm hoping this one will be great!
Elementary (CBS):  Mysteries...what's not to like about it?  Love the fact that this one is based on Sherlock Holmes and that Watson is a woman.  Should be a fun one!
**Other shows I'll be watching include Chicago Fire, Mob Doctor, Criminal Minds, Castle, and The Mentalist.  My hubby likes reality tv so I'm sure we will have the usual Survivor & Amazing Race as well.  I will also be tuning in mid-season for Body of Evidence and SMASH
So, what's going to be on your DVR this fall?


  1. I've got to say, I've been considering adding Nashville to my crazy list too. I love Hayden Panettiere so I think I'll probably like that show too.

    Good to see that we'll both be tuning in to Once Upon A Time and Elementary!

  2. I don't actually watch any of your returning shows but I'm excited about all 3 of the new ones you listed. I'm hoping to plan out my fall TV watching schedule this weekend and seeing what all is coming.