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Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'll be MIA for a week...

Some of you know that my grandfather has been very sick since October.  He was suffering from Dementia and Congestive Heart Failure.  Last October we moved him and my grandmother to an assisted living home that had some really amazing care!  We were told he wouldn't live until Christmas.  However, my grandad continued to remain a stubborn German and shocked the doctors by making it past Christmas (we always use to tease him about how stubborn he was)! 

In January, he was moved over to the Dementia and Memory Care side of the home.  There he received 24 hour medical care.  He had to remain on oxygen and in a wheelchair and he didn't remember any of us.  It was hard to see him that way.

I spent all last weekend with him as we got the call that he was doing very poorly.  They kept him heavily sedated because he was in so much pain.  His kindeys shut down and he wasn't eating or drinking anything.  They gave him a week.  My uncles both came down and my dad and uncles stayed by his side.  Family members and friends came to say their final goodbyes.  I was able to spend Saturday and Sunday afternoon there and would like to think that he knew we were all there. 

On Wednesday, April 25, I got a call from my mom saying he wasn't doing well at all and if I wanted to say a final goodbye then I should head over that night.  So, I told my husband and we waited for my mother-in-law to get to the house to watch the kids and we went over.  We walked into the building at 8:05 PM.  We walked into my grandfather's room at 8:07 PM.  We were told he took his last breath at 8:06 PM.  I was devestated that I wasn't able to say a final goodbye but I was comforted in knowing that he had his three boys there with him and he went peacefully.  I know he is in a better place now, as hard as it is for us to lose him.

Me and my Grandad in 1983

So, I will be away from the computer for a days.  I have a giveaway that is scheduled so make sure you enter that for your chance to win a great book but my reviews and memes are going to be put on hold for about a week.  I need some time to process and get my household back on schedule, not to mention being with family.  Don't worry though, I'll be back soon!

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  1. My condolences for your family. I'll pray for your Granddad and for your family also. May his soul rest in peace.