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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our 2012 snow/ice storm

All photos courtesy of Greta Lundby at

I want to apologize for not blogging lately.  From Monday until Wednesday we were hit with a massive snow storm and got over 3 feet of snow.  Wednesday we lost power for about 6 hours but were happy that it came back on and we went about our business.  Thursday morning, around 9:00 AM, we lost power again...and it is still off with no estimate on when it will be back on. 

The snow we got!   Pretty huh?

Wednesday night our snow turned to freezing rain.  We had inches of ice on our roads and trees and power lines.  Thursday we hung out at home with blankets and lots of layers on.  By Thursday evening we decided it was safer to head to my in-laws house.  They had power and warmth.  Our house had gotten down to 62 degrees.  As we walked outside to get in the car it was eerily quite except for the gunshot sounds of tree branches and trees snapping and falling everywhere around us!  As we packed, two large tree limbs fell and hit our living room windows.  Luckily they did not come through.  Where we live, there are huge fir and pine trees all around so the kids and I were ready to high tail it out of there!

The ice on trees down the road from us
This is how thick the ice was.  Can you see why trees were snapping all over?
All you could hear was "snap, crackle, pop" as the trees and branches snapped!

Trees on my best friend's house.  Luckily they are all safe and no damage to the house!!

We had to drive the long way around as the grade was closed due to trees, landslides and power poles/lines down all over.  As we drove up and around it was completely silent.  Every once in awhile you would hear a loud SNAP and see a branch come down.  Power lines were down all over.  I prayed the whole way down the mountain (20 min.)!

We finally made it to my in-laws where the kids and I have been since Thursday.  I went home today to get more clothes and books, of course and it was like a war zone!  Trees were down everywhere and I was amazed at how close they came to houses!  We saw one tree that fell through a barn and power lines were down for miles!  I forgot my camera so my neighbor and friend, Greta, took these pictures and was kind enough to let me borrow them! 

So, we are still without power and expecting more snow tonight.  I am hoping by the beginning of the week we can get back to normal!  I will try to keep you all updated so stay tuned....

All photos courtesy of Greta Lundby at
This is how the trees were bending under the weight of all that ice!

Our grade that is closed and will be for awhile!

This is what we encountered going down the hill.

This is the road I live on.  It is currently one lane as the other lane is full of tree branches.

Trees down by the local school.

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