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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book Review: The Adventures of Benjamin Skyhammer by Nicole Sheldrake

The Adventures of Benjamin Skyhammer

Synopsis (from Goodreads):  Benjamin Skyhammer has more than his fair share of problems. He's a magic-less outcast, he's hiding a terrible secret from his best friend and the valuable Relic he found has been stolen. Just when he thinks things couldn't get any worse, he discovers that the human species believes he's a sorcerer bent on destroying their magic powers and they want him dead. Now he must hunt down the real sorcerer and discover the truth behind the threats to humans and their magic powers.

My Thoughts:  Benjamin is a freak.  He lives in a world where everyone possesses magical powers.  Everyone but himself and one other person (who we never know).  So, he spends his time being a relic hunter.  He will do anything he can to get a good relic.  While searching for relics with his magical partner, Higgins, they find out that there is someone out there that is trying to get rid of magic and they must stop him!

Benjamin has a lot of secrets.  He is whiny and selfish and I couldn't really relate to him or sympathize with him.  There were times when I just really didn't like him at all. 

Higgins is always getting Benjamin out of trouble.  She was a fun character and an amazing magician.  I thought she stole the show.  By far, she was my favorite character in this story.

This story was full of twists and turns that left you always wondering what was going to happen next.  The descriptions were amazing and very vivid.  The characters were fun and for the most part well developed.

I wish that there would have been more about Benjamin's past.  There was a lot going on that wasn't explained in depth and left you wondering if you had missed something.  I wasn't crazy about the ending either but won't give that away.

I think if you like Fantasy you should give this book a try.  It was fun and action packed and a fairly quick read. 

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