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Monday, February 7, 2011

Irresistably Sweet Award

I was awarded the Irresistably Sweet award from Lah over at one of my favorite blogs,  Lazy Girl Reads! In order to accept the award, I will be passing it along to six other bloggers, and I must confess to four guilty pleasures.

So, here are my four guilty pleasures:
  • Pepsi!  I cannot live without the stuff.  Sad, I know but I must have Pepsi (in a bottle, not a can) to make it through a day.
  • The Bachelor/Bachelorette:  This has to really be one of the dumbest shows on tv.  I mean really, who falls in love with someone they have barely known?  And the cat fights....priceless!  So, despite it's unrealistic view on love, I watch for the fights!
  • Hot baths with bath melts from Lush Cosmetics.  My mom, sister and I go on a "girl's day" to Lush twice a year and a spend a huge amount of money so I can take my relaxing baths.  Lush is the only thing that got me through my complicated, high risk, 3rd pregnancy!
  • Cannoli:  My absolute favorite dessert!  There is a small grocery store across the river from me that sells the best cannoli ever and even though it is 20 miles away, I have been known to drive there just to get some.
Now, to the six blogs I want to award this too:
  1. Dizzy C's Little Book Blog
  2. Sarah Reads Too Much 
  3. YA Bookie Monster 
  4. Freda's Voice
  5. Watcha Readin', Books?:  A Teacher/Learner's Blog
  6. Truly Bookish


  1. Congrats on receiving the award firstly. You are super sweet and thoroughly deserve it.
    Thank you in turn for handing it to me. I appreciate it, and will be passing this one along soon.

    Congrats to the others who you passed it onto as well.

  2. Congrats on the award and thank you for passing to me.

    I am a Pepsi fan too, Max if I can get it.


  3. Thank you Jessica!! You are indeed very sweet!

  4. Congratulations & thanks for returning the love :) I'll get a post up soon. I also love Pepsi & can't drink it out of the can either (yuck).

  5. Thank you Jessica! Very sweet of you! I will pass this along shortly!