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Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 New Year's Resolution Challenge

Yes, I know I said "no more challenges" but this is not a reading challenge.  My friend Marie, over at Just A Mom has started a challenge to get organized, get healthier, be a better mom and so on.  She is going to post both a daily challenge (something like clean off the magnets from the fridge, wipe it down and only put what is necessary back up) and weekly challenges (like pick your messiest drawer and clean it out on Saturday, next messiest and clean out on Sunday, etc.). 

The great thing is, every time you do a weekly and/or daily challenge, you head over to her blog on the following Saturday and leave a comment on what challenges you did or tried to do and you get entered into a monthly drawing for a great giveaway!  That means you can get up to 8 entries a week which means between 32 to 40 entries a month (depending on how many weeks there are in that month).  And like Marie says, even if you don't win the prize, you still win because you are that much more organized, healthier, etc. 

Bonus!  If you head over there now and let her know that you are going to join her you get an extra entry!  If you blog about it, another entry!  Cool huh?  So, head on over to Just a Mom and sign up!  Oh yeah, if you sign up, remember to mention that I sent you!


  1. Your blog is so cute!! I am jealous of the little stars you have next to you blog post titles!!

    Anyway, this is Lah from LazyGirlReads but I'm commenting from my personal blog page. I plan to do this challenge and say that I was inspired by you! So extra entries for you!!

  2. Good luck on this challenge -- definitely sounds like you win even if you lose, lol.