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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Book Review: Sixth Covenant (A.D. Chronicles) by Bodie & Brock Thoene

Synopsis (from Amazon):  Who in Bethlehem could guess that their tiny, obscure village, populated by shepherds, would become the hinge upon which all history turns . . . and the focus of a terrifying rampage? Sixth Covenant is the conclusion of the three-book Nativity story within the A.D. Chronicles series. Sixth Covenant chronicles Mary, Yosef, and baby Yeshua in the first months of his life in Bethlehem. From the shepherd's visit to the escape to Egypt to the Bethlehem babies who gave their life for Jesus, discover the most critical events in the history of the world.

My Thoughts:  I started reading Brock and Bodie Thoene's books when I was pregnant with my daughter and put on bed rest.  I started with the Zion Covenant series and have worked all the way to the A.D. Chronicles.  These books are amazing and quite addictive.  

In Sixth Covenant, Mary and Yosef have arrived in Bethlehem and Mary has just given birth to the Messiah, baby Yeshua in Rachel and Zadok's lambing cave.  Rachel, Zadak, Eliyahu and Havila make Mary and Yosef very comfortable and welcome and Mary and Yosef start to settle down a little with the baby.  

During this time, King Herod is getting more and more paranoid.  He is sure that there is a rebellion happening even though there is no evidence of one thus far.  That does not stop Herod, aka the Butcher King, from crucifying anyone he thinks is a traitor.  When a caravan of astronomers and princes and kings from several countries come looking for the baby Messiah, Herod becomes outraged.  When he realizes that the coming Messiah that he is looking for is a baby, he orders all males children ages 2 and under killed.

This story is straight out of the Bible.  If you know this story, nothing will be a surprise to you, except maybe the horror you feel at the end.  I knew what King Herod did.  I have read the story several times and always thought it was horrible but I never had any real emotions attached to the story until now.  Rachel and Zadok and Eliyahu and Havila both have baby boys.  You come to know these families and their babies and love them.  It was heart wrenching to read the end.  It also makes it worse since I am a mom to two beautiful boys.  I cannot begin to imagine what all those mothers felt when their children were taken from them so brutally.  

The rest of the book had some slow moments but I loved all the history and details in it.  I enjoy reading about Mary as a normal mother with the same feelings of love and joy while looking at her child and the same feelings of helplessness when her baby is hurting or crying.  I haven't ever really taken the time to think about what it must have been like for her.  

I am now anxiously awaiting for the seventh novel in the series to get here from my library.  I cannot wait to finish reading how Mary, Yosef and Yeshua make it to Egypt and I want to see how Zadok survives now.  

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