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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Book Review: Imposter by Jill Hathaway

**I received this book from Around the World ARC Tours for review**

Synopsis (from Goodreads):  What if a killer took control of you?

Vee Bell’s gift (or curse) of “sliding”—slipping into the mind of another person and experiencing life, briefly, through his or her eyes—has been somewhat under control since she unwillingly witnessed the horrific deaths of her classmates six months ago.

But just as things are getting back to normal, Vee has a very bizarre experience: she loses consciousness and finds herself in a deserted area, at the edge of a cliff, with the broken body of the boy who took advantage of her on the rocks below.

As Vee finds herself in stranger and stranger situations with no memory of getting there, she begins to suspect that someone she knows has the ability to slide—and that this “slider” is using Vee to exact revenge on his or her enemies.
My Thoughts:  
 I liked this book and thought it was pretty fast paced and it definitely kept me guessing but it probably won't be on my Top Ten of 2013.  
Vee can "slide" into other people's minds.  As far as she knows, she is the only person who can do this.  Until one day, she has a strange experience and she discovers that someone may be sliding into her mind.  
After seeing her former best friend, Samantha, hurt by the same boy her assaulted her the year before, Vee comes up with a plan.  However, it is a plan that goes horribly wrong and when someone slides into Vee's mind at the wrong moment, she is left wondering what really happened that night and just exactly what she is responsible for.  
To give Vee even more to worry about, she has finally decided that she does want to move forward with her friend, Rollins.  She just isn't sure if he feels the same way after he gets a job at the local radio station and ends up working with a very pretty girl from school who shares a lot of his interests.  When Vee's aunt shows up after running away years ago, Vee's world is just turned upside down.  She must figure out who is sliding into her mind, what exactly happened that night with Scotch, what her aunt really wants and for that matter, who her aunt really is and if Rollins is really in love with her like he said at the end of Slide or if he is more interested in Anna.
I like Vee but I did get annoyed with her over the whole Scotch thing.  I can't say a whole lot since I don't want to give anything away but the running away and then thinking she must call the cops and then being dumb enough to do it from the school just annoyed me.  I also thought she acted a bit childish with her aunt.  Not that I would have totally accepted her aunt with open arms either but she seemed to be a little over the top about it.  
Rollins is still awesome but a little dense in this book.  He claims he loves Vee and yet he brings Anna to their "date" and talks to Anna all the time and let's Anna hang on him.  Of course Vee is going to be jealous.  She is just starting this relationship and there is this pretty, curvy girl who is obviously crushing on Rollins and he doesn't seem to notice at all.  I would have been very irritated if I were Vee.
I liked that Vee and Samantha mended their broken friendship.  Even when things got tough, they stood beside each other.  I feel sorry for Samantha because her parents never seem to be around.  She seemed a little insecure to me, especially after the bonfire night.
I didn't really get the role Diane played in the whole story.  It added a little to the mystery and possibly could have thrown in another suspect (although I never suspected her at all).  She just didn't fit to me, even at the end when it was explained who she was.  It seemed like she was an unnecessary  character.
This book was a pretty fast and easy read.  It will keep you guessing until the end and you will be surprised at the end of the book. 

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