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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some New Information!

Everyone who follows me knows that I love to read!  I mean, really, that is what this blog is all about but now I'm going to change it up a little.  I'm still reviewing and reading, don't worry.  But I'm going to add some posts on other things that I enjoy.  Things like getting a great deal! 

There was a time when my family was broke!  My husband is a cop in a small area and while the pay is pretty good for a cop in a small area, it's still not great.  After getting pregnant with my second child I had to quit my job due to a high risk pregnancy.  I never went back to work so we did what a lot of people did and used credit cards, took out loans and lived way beyond our means.  Of course, it didn't take long to catch up with us.  Long story short...we got out of debt, no longer have credit cards (except Les Schwabs) and live within our means.  We are doing pretty good now....BUT...when I can save money, I will.  Why pay full price for things when you don't have too?

I started looking at our grocery bill.  I didn't shop sales, didn't use coupons or anything.  Just bought what I wanted without even glancing at prices.  I was spending anywhere from $250 to $400 EVERY TWO WEEKS!  Then, my good friend over at California Clippin' started posting her savings, stockpiles, etc.  I entered one of her giveaways, won and here I am now! 

I'm just starting out but I am pretty excited about my trip this week!  I am just building up my stockpiles but it's fun for me to see what I can get for free or at least way cheaper.  Am I as good as those extreme couponers?  Not yet but once I get my stockpiles built up I hope to save at least 50% everytime! 

So, here is my trip this week:


This trip included 2 gallons of milk, 6 bags of Tyson chicken nuggets/strips/patties, 10 Easy Mac cups, 10 cans of spaghettios, 6 cans of tuna fish, 4 (4-packs) of Dole fruit cups, 3 bodywashes, 2 kids mouth rinse, 3 deodorants, just to name some of it. 

Total before savings:  $169.63
After rewards card and coupons:  $98.03!


Includes a 6-pack of paper towels, Secret Clinical (2), Purex crystals, Dawn (2), KY Your & Mine, Pantene and Always Infinity pads plus more.

Total before card and savings: $138
Total after card and savings:  $60.09 (plus I received $5 in Wal-Greens register rewards bringing my total down to $55.09)!

So like I said, it's not extreme couponing yet but I can't wait to start shopping for free and building up my stockpiles!


  1. Those are good deals! I still live with my mom while I'm trying to find a job and I always clip coupons for her so that when we head to the store, I usually remember coupons we have and we generally stick to that and save as well! My older sister thinks we're weird, but hellooooo, it does save money!

  2. It is amazing how much can be saved with coupons and offers.

    I was a single mum for 3 years and even now I still use coupons, loyalty cards and look for the offers.

    I will bypass my favourites to get the ones on offer on meat, crisps, biscuits, cleaning fluids, toiletries and more.

    It is known in our house that anything different from our usual in the cupboards or fridge is offer of the week :)


  3. Nice work! Couponing is a lot of fun, especially when you get great products for free or even just for pennies. I'm glad Marie's inspiring you :)